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You know it’s midterm season when you’re in the library working on a project until 4am… And you have to cancel your hair appointment so you can finish it.

Sad news:

The ASL class I was enrolled in for this semester got cancelled because not enough people enrolled (there were 3 of us enrolled as far as I know, since we were the only ones to complete the previous class in the winter).


At least I still have Coffee Chat on Wednesdays :)




So accurate

So accurate

Ok this paper is due at 3, I have one real class at 11am. I’ve written one page out of what will likely need to be at least five.

The Challenge-Accepter in me says this is totally doable. Excellent.

I also don’t find it a coincidence that Nutella and procrastination are both trending tags right now.

I am mentally preparing myself for finals by drinking Chardonnay and eating Lindt milk chocolate. I am glad God created these delicious things for us to enjoy. Truly.

So… I can access my Anatomy textbook online, but there’s no way to use it offline?

I have to work 13.5 hours tomorrow, and I would be able to study during that if I had said textbook, but there’s no wi-fi, so I won’t be able to access my textbook.

Dear McGraw-Hill… Make a way for students to access our paid-for textbooks offline. Seriously.


thank u common app

Or questions about any type of applications, for that matter. *hint hint family hint hint*


thank u common app

Or questions about any type of applications, for that matter. *hint hint family hint hint*




It’s essay writing season for tons of students!

After being a college writing tutor for over a year, I thought I would share my advice with all you awesome people on tumblr. This is how I write essays, but if you’ve got more tips, feel free to add them below. 

Happy writing. You can do it!

And the fact is, knowing how to think up, convey, defend, and summarize an argument will continue to be vastly useful to you for your entire life!

Essay writing is super hard for my ESL students, so I hope this helps!

A quick and easy guide to write an essay. This will definitely save you a lot of wasted time and frustration. As a college senior, I recommend trying this out

So operation get-back-on-normal-sleep-schedule was only 1/2 effective.

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I’m nocturnal and then i wake up at 530am and i’m fine. Dang. Whodathunk?

Time to have some quiet time and then off to my appointment thingy to get all the background check docs taken care of for the job I’ve *got* but can’t technically say I’ve got it yet i can only say i’ve gotten the job offer lol

and then it’ll be study central for the rest of the day! 

Flatmate Chronicles: How to make your flatmates happy

1. Bake them nutella-filled chocolate chip cookies.

2. Leave the nutella and extra cookie dough in fridge for future consumption.

3. Allow the warm aroma of cookies to fill the entire apartment.


How to make your flatmates frustrated:

-Not be around to ask if we can eat a cookie, thus prolonging our torment as the smell wafts into our nostrils and terrorizes the olfactory and memory/association cortexes of our brains.

-Be in your room the whole time we’re wondering where you are to ask if we can eat the cookies, but not make any sounds and come out an hour later to our dismay and delight.