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It literally hurts to watch SaB right now because of how absolutely ridiculously jump-the-shark these relationships are becoming.

Cuz it’s totally a good idea to drink a bottle of gin with your son’s single mother-in-law while your wife is in NYC with her gay guy friend.

I wish they’d stick to one crazy relationship thing at a time.

Rachel’s Peanut Gallery Comments: When did Switched at Birth become a romcom?

Things the characters of Switched at Birth need to figure out:


Seriously, it seems like all they do is try to figure out who to “be with” next…

On a lighter note…

Fave over-the-top romcom moments from this ep:

-“I’m just… I’m just confused.” That’s cool, that’s honest, I dig honesty. Just don’t make decisions based on your confusion. Figure it out first, then act.

- Kissing during work hours behind a patient curtain. Totes inapro-pro.

- “I should have defended you”. No, you should’ve kept your cool and checked the facts, just like you did. Chill, you just met here like a week ago.

-“I just wanted to let you know, I broke up with my girlfriend.” Not the best choice of pickup line, friend. Also, not the best motives.

- Catfishing someone to see if they’re real is one thing. Doing it to insure they’re not as pretty as you is another.

- One-on-one, star-gazing-at-night, hot-cocoa moments with guy friends is not wise, especially when they’re in a relationship with someone else.

Speaking of rom-com… I guess I missed the comedic moments? Maybe I should call it a dram-rom (rom-dram?). *le sigh*

Switched at Birth S2 Rewatch: 2x03 Duel of Two Women

“Now that you’ve let off some steam, try again, but this time say something positive about the other.”


I just watched the season finale.

basically, one of the characters (who’s 16) was “dating” (cough slept with) her boss and then the job was investigating since dat bizness be illegal then she quit the job so they could “be together” but he was all like “why did you do dat? crap you young u dunno that i was just playin around wit u!” and she was all like “but i love you!” and then tears.

DRA to the capital M to the capital A. 

And then the other girl tried to run away to mexico with her street artist “friend” and her passport and money got stolen and then she had a dramatic reunion with her dad and her ex.

And just to be clear: I ONLY watch this show for the ASL and Deaf culture references. But it IS fun to make fun of the over-the-top jumping-the-shark plotlines ;)

btw how are you how’s your life how are things??????

switched at birth



Daphne, honey, what’ve you gone and done? 

the adult couples in Switched at Birth learning how to salsa.

I am so amused by how accurate this scene is XD

Watching “Switched at Birth”

she’s dressed

like a stripper


just, why???

I regret the times I ever attempted to dress like that when I was younger. 


and then I realized there are TWO WHOLE eps of Switched at Birth I haven’t seen yet.

Crisis Averted.